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To satisfy our customers through superior professional services, delivering innovative and efficient logistics solutions.

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To become a world class one-stop center for comprehensive Supply chain management solutions in Africa.

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About us

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Jevola Logistics is a third-Party Logistics (3PL) Provider offering one-stop- shop 3PL services for various industry verticals.  Our Headquarters is in Abuja with group branch and representative offices in Lagos, China, India and agents across the globe.

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Our Services

We offer efficient international air freight services and complete turnkey project solutions from concept to proof of delivery for distribution of any size – Fixture Rollouts, Retail Distribution, Emergency, Warehouse/Pick and Pull.


Jevola Logistics leverages a worldwide strategic partnership, and supplier relations to design and deliver the right solution to manage your international air freight needs.
Working with our partner carriers and our dedicated global network, we offer a portfolio of services and air freight solutions to support your expedited shipping needs.


Whether your desired service need is Airport to Airport, Door to Airport or Door to Door we can provide them to you with the variety of levels of air freight solutions below. And you can feel confident in knowing that Our customer service is available 247 to proactively managing your shipment on the road and in the air, until final delivery is confirmed.


Our team of Air Freight professionals follows through on each and every shipment so that our customers can be assured of real-time status reports on all import and export air freight shipments at all times.

As an ocean transport intermediary, we simplify documentation, negotiate with carriers, customs and other global agencies, and streamline the entire ocean line cargo journey from pickup to delivery. We also offer expert guidance to help you easily navigate every variable so your products arrive on time and on budget anywhere around the globe. Our many strategic carrier relationships allow you the flexibility of a variety of schedules and capacity options to maximize your value. For your Global Supply Chain, count on us to secure a safe landing.


Our Sea Freight Services include:


▪    FCL and LCL import and export 

▪    Certified industrial packing and crating 

▪    Warehousing, assembly and distribution logistics  

▪    Conventional shipments (break-bulk, dry & liquid bulk) 

▪    Transport and Marine Insurance

▪    Issuance and verification of shipping documentation

▪    Export and import customs clearance

Our large and diverse carrier base, a network of more than 200 qualified over the road carriers, provides you with access to spot or dedicated capacity. Whether you’re shipping a single pallet or a full truck load, you can count on our carriers to meet industry standards and your unique requirements. Furthermore, our road logistics team manages the shipment from pickup to delivery, keeping you updated on arrival time to simplify planning. As one of the leading freight forwarding companies in Nigeria, our trucking and haulage services is insured to the last mile.


Our Road Freight Services include: 


  • Transportation of LTL, FTL and Bulk Cargo
  • Special transportation of heavy weight, oversized and project cargoes
  • Transportation of dangerous and perishable goods
  • Special transportation of household goods and personal effects
  • Contract-logistic, procurement and distribution
  • Tracing & tracking through the Global Positioning System
  • Domestic trucking and distribution in the Nigeria, Ghana and Togo
  • Relief Logistics

Customized Solutions for Customs Clearance


When you trust our international customs brokerage team, our expertise in international trade and long-standing relationships ensures you’ll receive the highest level of service.

We take great pride in our personalized, detailed and process-oriented approach to clearance and customs compliance, all to give you the peace of mind that your needs are in the best of hands. We boast a substantial team of registered Custom House Brokers on our staff, who ensure every shipment meets stringent documentation requirements.

We combine our in-depth knowledge of ever-changing worldwide governmental regulations with a wide variety of logistics offerings to make sure nothing gets left at the border.

Jevola logistics is a reliable Customs House Agent in Nigeria, delivering a variety of services within the import and export value chain.


Customs clearing Services;


  • Import / Export Customs Clearance Service
  • Customs Evaluation of merchandise
  • Import Duty Assessment
  • Shipping Documents preparation
  • Combined Certificate of Value and Origin (CCVO)
  • Bill of Lading (BL)
  • Customs Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR) processing
  • Payment of Custom Duties on customers behalf

Importing is a regulated process. If you wish to buy products from other countries, you need to comply with a variety of regulations. The importing process can often seem overwhelming, due to the amount of paperwork and the number of different rules and regulations that you need to consider. 

Crossing borders requires coordination, compliance, and quite a bit of paperwork. If these pieces don't align as expected, you could be looking at customs delays.


Why our service is important


There is nothing worse than having your goods turned away at the border or being held up at customs because you did not complete the proper paperwork. Before you place your import order, be sure that you understand the rules and regulations involved in clearing your goods through customs.


Our international shipping solution helps you:


  • Determine if the goods you want to import are prohibited from entering Nigeria
  • Determine if the goods are subject to any restrictions that would require you to obtain approvals or permits before importing them
  • Classify the goods (tariff classification) and how any tariffs, duties or taxes are calculated
  • Ensure that your supplier meets all Nigerian labelling and marking requirements
  • Ensure that you use a shipping company that understands and complies with customs formalities
  • Make sure that all required paperwork is ready to be examined along with your shipment
  • Be prepared to pay the duties and taxes owing.


Grab a tighter rein on the importing process--Jevola Import Control lets you more effectively manage costs and minimize delays.


Other Services Include;


  • CBN FORM M Processing
  • Classification of HS Codes
  • Import Permissions of controlled
  1. SONCAP,
  • NAQS Import Permit
  1. Plant Importation Permit
  2. Aquatic Importation Permit
  3. Animal Importation Permit
  • NESREA Import Permit


  • Import/Export Consultancy Services
  • Company TIN Activation for Import/Export
  • Other import related services

We arrange for everything from domestic pick-up to final delivery. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to getting your shipment to your overseas customers quickly and efficiently at the lowest possible cost.

We provide accurate and complete document preparation in accordance with government regulations, letters of credit, and your specific instructions. Our goal is to ensure a trouble-free transaction and relieve the burden of compliance regulations.


Agricultural Export


In the demanding Nigerian agricultural sector where the challenges include tough timelines, erratic volumes, time and heat sensitive product, volatile climate conditions and poor infrastructure, Jevola Logistics has cultivated unrivalled competencies and delivers innovative agricultural logistics solutions for export market


We offer multimodal transportation management capabilities and agricultural logistics solutions for a variety of agricultural goods, including cocoa, grains, oil seeds, hibiscus flowers, fresh and dry split ginger, chili pepper, a variety of fruit, wheat, sunflower, sorghum, soya beans and peanuts, as well as other export bound commodities.

If you think of reliable clearing agent in Nigeria, experienced freight forwarders in Nigeria for all your export business, consider Jevola logistics your No. 1 partner in delivering value


Our export services include:


  • Export documentation
  • Land, freight, Air freight and ocean freight services
  • Booking on shipper negotiated contracts
  • Export compliance consulting
  • Cargo insurance preparation
  • Letters of credit
  • Legalization and consular work
  • Duty drawback
  • Trade agreement consultation and expertise
  • Project shipments
  • Comprehensive cargo management

At Jevola, we’re constantly striving to make your operation more efficient. This usually starts with some aspect of global logistics outsourcing, as we deliver on our value proposition of differentiated service, visibility & control and cost optimization. We take a holistic approach to providing logistics solutions, so over time our client partnerships evolve to include consulting type services that improve overall supply chain performance. Since Jevola interacts with nearly every stakeholder in our customers’ supply chains, and aggregates data accordingly, we are extremely well positioned to engage clients on projects that bring even greater efficiency and savings to the bottom line.


Our supply chain services include:


  • Purchase Order (PO) Management
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Project Procurement and Logistics
  • Consolidation Solutions to Optimize LCL Freight Spend
  • Air Freight Optimization & Alternatives (Sea/Air program, etc.)
  • Performance Scorecards: Suppliers, Carriers, Logistics Providers, etc.
  • Total Landed Cost Determination & Analysis
  • Transportation Mode Optimization
  • Purchasing / Inventory In-Transit Analysis
  • Inventory Carrying Cost Analysis
  • Origin Warehousing & Bypass Distribution
  • Assembly Services & Kitting
  • Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) & Bonded Warehouses
  • Replenishment & Postponement Strategies
  • Other initiatives & priorities in collaboration with our customers